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Agricultural Museum

We invite you to explore and  
discover the museum & learn
how the early settlers of 
Central Washington worked
the land to produce their
food & make a living.
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The Museum is located within Fullbright Park in Union Gap, Washington at the base of Ahtanum Ridge. The museum tells the story through 29 covered buildings & more than 15 acres of displays & exhibits.  Its park like surroundings are home to multitudes of horse drawn equipment,  early mechanical farm machinery, antique tractors, farm tools, farm equipment & homestead exhibits. The agricultural museum is designed to display large farm equipment in informative exhibits & in some cases actual operational representation exhibits. The museum is under continuous development.  The public is welcome to view the progress. You’ll see machines that helped build this agricultural country into the bountiful croplands you see today. We have the Classic 10-20 McCormick Deering Tractor from Goldendale. We also have a portable hop picking machine, a pea picker, a 1930’s gasoline station, a working sawmill & much more.  Please take a tour of the museum today & tell your friends!

Tour at Ag Museum

Educational Programs

The Ag museum has a great educational program of our agricultural history. We are in another great year of our education program primarily for 3rd & 4th grades. We offer the program from the first Thursday and Friday in April through the first Thursday and Friday in June. Our Educational Programs are held on Thursday & Friday with a 9:30 am & a 12:30 pm program.  Our program has been very well received and complimented for the content and the school tours. Please see the above link to Education pages for complete information. You will need to refer to the education pages, choose your tour date and submit a request for a School Educational Tour or field trip reservation. You will find all the information and FAQ’s pages for your questions. If you need help, please call 509.457.8735 for more information. This is a great experience enjoyed by young and old alike.

 CWAM Support & Funding  

The museum is primarily funded by support from business, individuals, and CWAM Memorial & Donation  and  CWAM Membership  and support from other interested individuals.

Please use the convenient Pay Pal to make your Donation, Memorial or to become a Member.  We greatly appreciate your support

 We are a non-profit 501 (c )(3) organization.  As a non-profit we need the support of funding in order to operate. Our organization is supported by all dedicated volunteer persons.  We are very appreciative of their dedication and many skills.


Some of the Museum Buildings are Closed November thru  March.

Some of the Museum Buildings can be viewed year round.

The museum grounds are open year round for walking.  There are many good hiking trails and wonderful sites to view to make your visit a very pleasant one!