Volunteer Opportunites at Central Washington Agricultural Museum

Museum Volunteers

The museum needs many volunteers and can use all skills at any level. You can visit the museum any Tuesday between 8am – 3pm and join our crew of volunteers who show up to do any task that needs to be done. Bring a "Brown Bag" sack lunch and join the "Tuesday Crew". The Coffee break is at 10 am and lunch is at noon. Coffee and conversation is always ready.

The Museum needs Volunteers to help with Museum updates, restoration, woodworking, machinery repairs, engine repairs, and many other projects.

Tour Volunteers

We need docent volunteers also. We have public tours, student tours and many other tours. Tour training is also available.

Educational Volunteers

We also need Educational Volunteers to help with the Educational Tours/Field Trips of 3rd and 4th grade students. We have many projects in the Educational Program. Training is available for the Educational Program. As an educational Volunteer you will help take third and fourth grade students on a journey back into the early 20th century to learn about a day in the life of children and their parents who lived in this area during that time. There are many different ways you can help to make these educational programs a success.

Guide programs and tours of 10 or less children, man (or woman) a station and help children learn how to churn butter, make a button toy, grind flour, shell corn, wash clothes, play an old fashioned game or a number of other things. Drive a tractor for a tour program, sharpen a sickle mower blade or pretend you are sharpening one, teach the children how to rope on the rope making machine. There are also behind the scenes things you can do to help. Setting up stations, getting ready for programs, giving directions, helping during the program and finally cleaning up and putting away everything.

Anyone can join the crew. Programs are Thursdays and Fridays, April-June and tours are April-October. Volunteer to help kids today!

Central Washington Agricultural Museum - Union Gap, WA

Volunteer Activities

We have ongoing projects and always new and/or repair projects. There’s always something to fit a skill and/or learn a skill.

Volunteer Application Forms

Please print one copy of each form, fill it out and bring it with you to the Museum or call the Museum to make an appointment: Paul Strater, Administrator 509.457.8735 or contact us.

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Your financial support helps keep the museum open and helps preserve the agriculural history of the Yakima Valley.The Museum's operating funds come primarily from membership and memorial donations. Check out our membership page or donation page to help out. Looking to volunteer to help out with tours, field trips or other museum activities? Visit our volunteer page to learn more. Questions? Give us a call at 509.457.8735.