Central Washington Agricultural Museum

Drive-Thru Tour

Welcome to the Museum   *  You will enjoy your visit and the Drive-Thru Tour.

As you arrive at the Museum grounds, you will need to stop at the Host living quarters “Sign”. You will then sign up for the Drive-Thru Tour and you will receive a booklet of the tour to use.

The tour is marked with green Drive-Thru signs that you can follow to the Drive-Thru display area to view the living history of agriculture in Central Washington. This area is setup so you can read the signs on both sides while traveling down the aisles to enable people on larger buses to view similar equipment at the same time.

After you complete the Drive-Thru Tour and return to the Visitor Center, you may want to stop to view several displays along the way.  There is a working sawmill, the Lindeman Building, the Farmstead, a Blacksmith shop and a living quarters Building.  This is but a small listing of the many great displays we have to share with you. Several of these displays are in the Walk-Thru Tour guide.

The Drive-Thru Tour display was put together by volunteers with over 5,000 hours of volunteer work on this one project.  We also appreciate your feedback on this Tour.  There is a feedback form attached with the Tour guide.

The Museum’s operating funds come primarily from CWAM Membership   –  CWAM Memorial  –   Donations. 

Please consider helping us preserve our History.

Your financial support is gratefully accepted and greatly appreciated.

Thank you for visiting the Ag Museum and taking the Drive-Thru Tour

Please come back, bring a friend or two and share all these great exhibits with them.  Would you like to be a member of the museum?  Drop by the Visitor Center at the Museum any Tuesday – 10am thru 2pm and get acquainted with some of our great volunteers.  Do you have an interest in volunteering? We have many volunteer opportunities.  Please see our Volunteer page for more information.

Please contact us: 509-457-8735 or Email: info@centralwaagmuseum.org