Central Washington Agricultural Museum

Walk-Thru Tour

The Museum offers a Walk-Thru Tour of the buildings and the displays.  When you come to the Museum for this tour – please sign in at the Visitor’s Center. You may pick up a copy of the Walk-Thru Tour to use for your tour.

The tour begins at the Barn Front Entrance – then you follow the brown signs along the buildings; #1 thru #6 are on the upper asphalt path.  Then you will go out to the Farmstead and Sawmill area.  You will see Buildings #14 thru #19 and then return to the Visitor’s Center.

The Walk-Thru Tour booklet has a description of each building on the tour.  The buildings are also in number sequence in the booklet.

Inside of the Burlington Northern Railroad Box-Car

You can download the Walk-Thru Tour from the Web site .

 You might want to preview or read it before coming to the museum for your tour.


Inside of the Lindeman Building – #14

Take a hiking trip also.  There are many trails along Ahtanum Creek and you can hike up Ahtanum Ridge for a spectacular view of the valley!


Be sure to Check back on our Schedule of Events for new updates!  There are many activities you won’t want to miss.

Blacksmithing Demonstration that may be seen during the Annual Pioneer Power Show the third weekend in August and during Old Town Days on Father’s Day weekend when the Civil War Reenactment group is at the Ag Museum for the “Battle of the Gap” Demonstration.

Blacksmithing Demonstration

We also have Educational Programs for schools, groups, home school, and many more.  Please check the Education pages for complete information.
Contact: 509.457.8735  or Email:   info@centralwaagmuseum.org


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Have a great day and enjoy your tour. What a Great excursion! So much to see and learn of our agricultural history and heritage.