Central Washington Agricultural Museum

 Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers Needed!

The museum needs many volunteers and can use all skills at any level. You can visit the museum any Tuesday between 8  am – 4 pm and join our crew of  volunteers who show up to do any task that needs to be done. Bring a “Brown Bag” sack lunch and join the “Tuesday Crew”. The Coffee break is at 10 am and lunch is at noon.  Coffee and conversation is always ready.

The Museum needs Volunteers to help with Museum updates, restoration, woodworking, machinery repairs, engine repairs, and many other projects.

We also need Educational Volunteers to help with the Educational Tours/Field Trips of 3rd and 4th grade students.  We have many projects in the Educational Program.  Training is available for the Educational Program.

 We need docent Volunteers also.  We have public tours, student tours and many other tours.  Tour training is also available.

 Please Contact:  Paul Strater, Administrator

 Phone: 509.457.8735  or  Email:

Volunteer Applications:

Please print one copy of each form, fill it out and bring it with you to the Museum or call the Museum to make an appointment:   Paul Strater , Administrator 509.457.8735 or contact:

Please stop by to visit.  You can sign up and complete the forms at the Museum.  Bring a friend or two along to share the experience.

Volunteer Application

(This form is also used for Ed Volunteer application)

RSVP Registration Form

(This form is also used for Ed Volunteer application)

Background Check

(This Background check application form must be completed by Ed volunteers)

Volunteer Activities

Restoration of equipment  *  maintenance of equipment  *   volunteer “Appreciation lunch & Christmas brunch”   *  fair booth volunteers – agricultural events  *   volunteers driving tractors pulling people wagons for tours and parades  *  grounds maintenance  *   photography  *  janitor duties  *   numerous miscellaneous projects.

We have ongoing projects and always new and/or repair projects. There’s always something to fit a skill and/or learn a skill

Be a Ag Museum Volunteer!   Be a Docent or Educational Program Volunteer!

Thank you for visiting the Volunteer page.  Please stop by, get acquainted and join the “Tuesday Crew”.  You will enjoy the visit and learning more of our agricultural history.